Commercial Auto

commercial auto insurance

Affordable commercial auto insurance in New York, NY.
Your business car or cars need automobile coverage.

Non-owned Auto
Provides liability coverage for vehicles you do not own when they are used by others in your business.

Hired Auto
Provides liability coverage for those vehicles you lease, hire, rent, or borrow.

Loading and Unloading
Provides liability protection for damage resulting from the handling of property during the loading onto or unloading covered vehicles.

Additional Insured
Provides liability protection for other entities you may work for or lease vehicles from.

CB Coverage
Provides coverage for permanently installed communications equipment.

Rental Reimbursement Provides reimbursement for the cost of leasing a replacement vehicle based on your business needs and time period.

Drive Other Car
Provides coverage to the Insured and specified individuals in a business for vehicles rented, hired or borrowed.